Transportes Torres & Oliveira, Lda.

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More than 10 routes spread across Europe!

We are the ideal partner for your business.

We drive our customers' success

Transportes Torres & Oliveira is currently a national reference in international routes throughout Europe.

Quality in Transport

We prioritise the packaging of goods and compliance with all legal requirements in force. For us it is vitally important that the goods reach their destination efficiently and promptly.

Express Services

These are carried out by light vehicles with short-term deliveries, always meeting customer requirements.

Strategic Routes

Our routes span the whole of Europe, with routes on the main business fronts of this continent.

Driving the success

The urgencies, expectations, businesses and hopes of companies and individuals circulate within the vehicles. This is a task that is carried out with major responsibility and enthusiasm by our employees, and it demands listening, being in contact and communicating, so that each of our customers knows, at every moment, where their goods are. It is this contact which enables us to improve our daily service, bit by bit.

Our service is essential to many areas.

– Automobile
– Technologies
– Retail and fashion
– Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
– Interiors

– Wholesales
– E-commerce
– Small industries
– Leisure articles
– Stockists

Our success in numbers

Over the years T&O has grown in every way. A larger route, more employees and kilometres travelled every year.


Countries covered

Our routes cover the roads of Europe, with more than a dozen destination countries.



A team of experienced professionals able to suitably answer each request and challenge proposed.


Fleet size

A fleet in constant modernisation and expansion, fostering a great deal of solutions and resources at the service of our clients.


Km travelled annually

The length of kilometres travelled has grown every year, at all cardinal points, along with the growth of the company.

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